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Title:How to Turn a Piece of Firewood on a Lathe - Spindles
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Description:I was the first female to opt in for these lessons and I'm sure the guys didn't really want me there spoiling their fun, but eventually they accepted me as part of the class. I know it will sound cocky but I clearly remember being far better than any of the boys. Their work was always completed but lacked finesse and elegance, it looked rough around the edges. I would always make sure my projects were precise down to the last millimetre and finished properly by spending hours sanding them and then polishing them to perfection. I still have the round table I built with a chess board set into it using different coloured timbers.
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Meta Description:Well the first thing I always do is pick up the piece of wood and visually inspect it for any inconsistencies. You are looking for fungus, insects, growth defects, bad knots, or anything else that can impede your easy woodworking project.
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